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Sacramento Recycling Step 2

Step 2. Separate your recyclables in provided bags and containers.

Sacramento Recycling Step 3

Step 3. Save the Planet. Save Time. Get Paid.


Set It Aside

Welcome to Set It Aside (SIA). We built to save time and resources as well as answer your questions and give you more information about our Sacramento recycling courier program.

How does the program work?

All you do is load up your recyclables in the bags we may provide and have them out front before your pick up date. We handle the rest.


Sacramento Recycling

Our Sacramento recycling courier program is pretty easy, in all honesty. You register here on the website and when we have enough people in your neighborhood who sign up, we will contact you and let you know your pick up dates.


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"I was crushing the cans in my backyard before taking them out to the Sacramento recycle center I go to on a regular basis. Though I am environmentally aware, the money was the bigger motivator in my turning in my cans and I knew that crushing my aluminum cans got me a few more cents than if I didn’t."


Set It Aside is a new and great way to make money for Sacramento area residents, businesses, and organizations to raise money for their metals, plastics, and glass. Through education, promotion, and coordination, Set It Aside hopes to change Sacramento recycling habits forever.

Unlike other Sacramento area recycling programs, Set It Aside decided to forgo becoming a state certified recycler for several reasons. Though this decision meant missing out on many state and local benefits, Set It Aside realized that going the route of home purchasing of recycling would not be an option if we were to recieve this certification. As our entire program revolves around you, the customer, we decided to instead give up the traditional benefit that other Sacramento recycling companies enjoy to be able to assist customers in a more direct fashion.

With our Sacramento area recycling courier program, we actually come to your home, office, or event and pick up your recyclables ourselves. We then take it to one of our sort locations, weigh your separate materials, and team it up with other homes and businesses that we pick up from. Finally, we get bids from materials purchasers including state certified recycling centers, scrap purchasers, and refiners to get a better than average price.

So, what's the benefit to you in choosing Set It Aside over a traditional Sacramento recycler? Well, the average person spends two hours of their time (loading, driving, unloading, waiting in line, weighing, getting paid, and driving again), and a gallon of gas for $10.00 in recyclables. After gas that means you made $2.50 per hour. With Set It Aside’s recycling alternative, you instead end up actually making more money and save your time. In addition, Set It Aside also accepts and pays for many items that other Sacramento recycling locations may not. So give us your soup cans, your milk jugs, and your ketchup and soap bottles. Yes, we know it means more work for us, but the savings to you and the environment for your efforts is well worth it to us.